New Garage Door San Bernardino: We Give Your Garage Some Style

New Garage Door Installation San Bernardino

Finding a new garage door that perfectly complements the architectural style of your house is a difficult task. Our New garage door service in San Bernardino aims to ease your dilemma and guide you towards the right set. If you hire us, you can avail of new garage door and installation services all under one roof.

We have a real talent for finding the right type of garage door for our clients. After fifteen years of working in this industry, we have perfected the art of installing and creating custom garage door with different materials and sophisticated designs.

New Garage Door San Bernardino: Discover Your Dream Garage Door

When you’re investing a huge amount of money in your garage to give it a new look, you want a garage door that will really make a statement and set your garage apart from the rest. Our new garage door service is perfect if you need a little help with finding the garage door that will make your dream vision come to life.

Today, a garage door is available in a number of styles, materials, patterns, textures and designs which can be quite confusing, especially if you’re doing this for the first time. Our services are value added and our technicians having a real eye for home design can easily help you pick out garage door you will be satisfied with.

New Garage Door Installation San Bernardino

You can choose between glass or fiberglass garage door, wool paneled garage door and steel or aluminum garage door. Your choice will depend on your budget and your personal requirements including the current architectural style of your house and garage.

  • Wood Garage Door: Metal garage door is definitely cheaper and requires less maintenance, but a wood paneled garage door has a beautiful style all of its own. It will give your garage a warm, earthy and comfortable atmosphere. Wood paneled garage door is available in a number of different textures, patterns and stains. If you want a classy old world look for your home, wood garage door is the best option for you. Some popular choices would be Maple, Brazilian Cherry or Pecan wood.
  • Glass Garage Door: If your vision is based on pure modern luxury then glass is your best bet. A couple of years ago people didn’t want a glass door in their homes because they felt it was a security risk. But today, we have specially developed glass made for garage door which are shatterproof, very thick and yet extremely stylish. You can choose from different types of glass door until you find the perfect fit. Our technicians have many years’ worth of experience installing glass door, and they can install your dream door easily without any inconvenience. This door can be a tad bit expensive, but if your budget is flexible, opting for a glass door is a good choice because glass is extremely versatile and can complement almost any architectural style.
  • Fiberglass and Aluminum Garage Door: Generally, a fiberglass door actually comprise of aluminum frames. This type of door is extremely light and is perfect for houses and garages on the beach or close to the sea because it is resistant to salty air. However, fiberglass is a terrible insulator and the door can start cracking in extremely cold temperatures. So before opting for it, consider the climate. On the other hand, an aluminum door is affordable, lightweight and good for embossing but it gets dented very easily.
  • Steel Garage Door: This door is definitely stronger and more durable than wood, glass, fiberglass and aluminum garage door. With modern technology, a regular steel garage door can be embossed with wood grain patterns to give it a trendy new look. A steel garage door hardly requires any maintenance, and it won’t crack or fall apart due to extreme temperatures. It also won’t rust easily or require constant repainting like a wood garage door.

At our new garage door service in San Bernardino, we have a number of stylish and glamorous styles to choose from such as:

  • Fiberglass garage door
  • Glass garage door
  • Steel garage door
  • Wood garage door
  • Full view garage door
  • Custom designed garage door

You can also avail a wide range of brands. Some of the most popular brands that we provide are:

  • Clopay garage door
  • CHI Overhead door
  • 1ST UDT garage door
  • Wayne Dalton garage door
  • Amarr garage door
  • Overhead Door garage door

We are available 24x7 and provide the best new garage door installation services in San Bernardino, CA. We also offer garage door repair services like garage door panel replacement and garage door sensor repair. Call us on (909) 252-7022 for our help with finding your dream garage door.



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