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Garage Door Repair and Service Encino, CA

If you ignore garage door maintenance you could soon need an expensive emergency garage door repair service. At All Garage Door Repair Encino, California, we do a lot of preventive maintenance in addition to ensuring that all the components of garage door systems like garage door springs, cables, tracks and hinges function at optimal levels. 

Why Is Garage Door Repair Encino Essential?

Repairing damaged or malfunctioning garage door when you have no experience dealing with such repairs can actually be a dangerous task. In addition to causing injury to yourself, you may also cause further damage to the garage door. Our repair crew at All Garage Door Repair Encino is particularly skilled and experienced at repairing and servicing garage door of all kinds- commercial as well as residential. Whether you’re after garage door track repair, garage door sensor repair or garage door panel replacement- our team can take care of it for you! 

Mostly, we get calls from people because their garage door springs and panels need repair or replacement. Any garage door repair firm will be able to perform this service. However, we are a firm that you can trust- to do the job effectively and quickly. We are a local firm that is very well known for providing quality and value added repair services. We, at All Garage Door Repair Encino, will ensure that your garage door is the talk of the town! 

Garage Door Spring Repair Encino, CA

At All Garage Door Repair Encino Your Safety Is Our Priority

At All Garage Door Repair Encino, we design our services specially to ensure that you and your family stay safe and secure. The garage door cables and torsion/extension garage door springs can cause a whole lot of damage because they experience intense pressure. Hence, you should schedule regular maintenance checkups just to ensure that nothing goes awry. 

Every member of our repair team is fully insured, licensed, bonded and possesses all the required certifications. Think of your garage door as you would any other major electronic appliance in your household. They require annual checkups too in order to run smoothly and resolve any minor bugs. Our technicians are very professional and make sure that they check all of the 300 components which make up the garage door operating system.


Garage Door Spring Repair Encino, CA

All Garage Door Repair Encino Offers Repair and Servicing of Torsion/Extension Springs

When extension springs are installed incorrectly and without safety retention wires, it poses a huge risk to your safety and security. If for some reason the cable or the spring should break, the consequences could be disastrous. Imagine a huge steel rubber suddenly snapping due to too much pressure. At All Garage Door Repair Encino, we are committed to ensuring your safety above all else and our technicians always make sure that the safety cables are installed correctly and that they continue to function smoothly. Extension springs are most commonly used in case of a lightweight door. 

Torsion springs are used for door which is heavier. You may feel like you can install such springs on your own. But it is not as easy as it looks! Installation of such springs can be extremely time consuming and also dangerous if done by an amateur. Hence, we would advise you to call a professional for such work. Our team at All Garage Door Repair is available round the clock for such repair and installation work. 

All Garage Door Repair Encino is a Garage Door Repair Service You Can Trust

  • Need emergency garage door repairs done and don’t know who to call? All Garage Door Repair Encino is the answer to your problems! Our technicians are available for repair and installation work 24x7.
  • If you want your repairs to be taken care of quickly, just give us a call. We can have our repair crew at your place of work or your residence within a 45 minute period.
  • We can promise that you will only receive top-notch repair services because we only hire experienced, skilled and talented technicians with a passion for repair work.
  • Our customer care service representatives are always on hand if you have any queries about the services that we provide. Feel free to call if you need anything clarified. 

All Garage Door Repair Encino is a garage door and gate repair company that you can count on for quality service. We never fail to make our customers happy! Call us today to see for yourself.



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