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Garage Door Repair Encino

All Garage Door Repair Encino, California are a team of dedicated technicians who can take care of any type of garage repair and installation work for you. 

We have noticed that most people don't care to notice repair requirements in a garage door until it stop functioning smoothly. Garage door which isn’t maintained carefully can often lead to accidents and self-injury. Where garage door repair is concerned, it's always best to call in the experts. All Garage Door Repair Encino, California can take care of that repair work for you! 

All of the talented technicians that make up our repair crew are licensed, fully certified, bonded and insured. When you hire us for garage door repair or installation, you can rest assured that you will receive only the best quality repair service that we can offer. We provide a number of very popular repair services like: 

  • Garage door spring repair
  • Garage door sensor repair
  • Gate repair
  • Garage opener repair
  • Garage door panel repair
  • New garage door installation
  • Garage door panel replacement
  • Garage door track repair
  • Garage door remote/electronic keypad repair
  • Commercial Garage Door Repair
  • Roll up Garage Door Repair 

Let All Garage Door Repairs Encino Take Care of Your Garage Door Repairs and Installation

For over 15 years we have been repairing and installing both residential as well as commercial garage door as well as gates in California. We offer very prompt service and can guarantee that our technicians will be at your address within a 45 minute interval from the time you give us a call. 

If you notice that your garage door isn’t functioning correctly, don’t stress! Sometimes trying to take care of repair jobs yourself can lead to further damage. Our very experienced repair team can handle almost all repair jobs both major and minor. Whether you need a broken spring repaired, a garage door panel replaced or need a new garage door opening system installed- we can do it all. 

When garage door is properly maintained, it become sturdier, more reliable and lasts for a longer period of time. Proper maintenance involves regular inspection checkups and proper protective measures. This means door should be correctly installed and maintained, garage door openers and shutters should be checked regularly and all cables, rollers, hinges, drums and springs (both torsion and extension) should be scrutinized carefully to ensure that the door function effectively. 

All Garage Door Repair Encino Has an Efficient and Professional Crew

At All Garage Door Repair Encino, we believe in hiring people who are fully certified and licensed, have lot of experience with garage door repair and servicing and follow a very strict code of conduct. We want to be the repair service that you trust and that you keep coming back to. 

At All Garage Door Repair, we encourage and motivate our employees to become better at what they do through constant training and development programs. Our technicians have over fifteen years’ experience installing, repairing and servicing garage door, gates and mechanized vehicle access. They know how to keep a smile on their face and get the job done satisfactorily as well. 

All Garage Door Repair Encino: Our Mission

Our biggest goal is ensuring that you are happy with the quality of service that we provide. If an automatic garage door opener has not been adjusted properly and its cables or tracks have been damaged, the door can malfunction and can also cause harm to the users. Selecting the appropriate garage door service provider can be difficult. But after meeting our talented team and experiencing our repair services we feel sure that our company will be the first on your speed dial when you need emergency repairs. We not only offer preventive maintenance but also ensure that the garage door and all its components are at an optimal performance level. 

Why You Should Hire All Garage Door Repair Encino?

  • Our round-the-clock emergency garage door repair services are the best in California and being a local firm, it is quite easy for us to get to your residence in record time and start repair work instantly if required.
  • Our technicians are dependable, prompt, and very reliable and undergo lots of training before they are dispatched to carry out repair services.
  • We are very skilled at on site troubleshooting and no repair job is too difficult for us to carry out be it broken springs, garage openers, sensors or tracks.
  • Even if nothing is wrong with your garage door but you feel that it just doesn’t look good enough anymore and you want to replace it with a newer and shinier model, give us a call. We can help you pick something suitable an install it for you as well.

For the most dependable garage door repair service in Encino, California, give us a call. All Garage Door Repair is always here to help!



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